How to clean your computer


How to clean your computer

Computer is an electronic device which must be giving proper attention to against wear and tear. To keep your personal computer in shape you must clean it often. Cleaning of computer can be daily, weekly, monthly but it depends on the mode of usage.

Classifying cleaning into desktop computers and laptop computers.

Desktops computers.

*cleaning of desktop computer should be given necessary attention since it is more open to dust unlike laptop computer.

* Computer Mouse

A mouse is part of computer hardware that accelerate the effective movement and operation of various tools on computers. You can make use of onscreen keyboards on your PC but cannot make use of onscreen mouse so you must make sure your computer mouse is clean. Clean your mouse by making use of pure white cloth, rub the white cloth against the mouse, clean the USB cord attachment, make sure you find a brush to brush off those dirt and dust at the mouth of the USB port. Blow away dirt particles inside the mouse and clean it with a cloth.

*Computer Monitor

Monitor display all what is processed Internally, it may b Led or Lcd screen. Computer monitor also serve as the projector. Cleaning of computer monitor should be done by removing the VGA cable and power cord, then brush of various dust at the main entrance of various ports of the monitor. Rub a clean piece of cloth against the monitor screen and scrub it gently. If u monitor has a camera make sure you clean the cam face properly to clClear the dust and moisturize the monitor properly.

*Computer Keyboard

Keyboard is one of the major computer part, it performs the most function and it is easily open to dust. Cleaning of keyboard should be done with modesty and gently so as to avoid damaging some keys on the keyboard. Find a brush to dust of the dirt properly and clear the dust with a blower since the dust will be more inside the keys of the keyboard. Make sure to blow away various particles hidden inside the keyboard to avoid keys malfunction ing then dust it off with a piece of cloth.


This is the computer operating system which stores all parts of computers. Remove all power cables, USB cord, mouse, keyboard and all attachment away from the CPU. Remove the cover, get a blower to blow away all dirt particles of the system be careful not to overdo it so as to avoid damaging any parts in the CPU. Point the blower to power pack, hard drive, memory storage, all ports. If you don’t have a blower you can make use of a piece of cloth by rubbing it on those necessary areas shake the various panels to clear all dust. Close the cover and clean the CPU body.

Cleaning of laptops computer

Laptop cleaning is simple unlike desktop computer. Find a brush, towel, white toiletries. Open your laptop use brush to dust of the keys on the keyboard, clean the monitor screen with Towel, brush off the dust away from the webcam.

Get a blower to blow away does dirt and dust away from all ports of the laptop. Remove the system Remove the system battery and clean it. Clean the tip of the battery with brush. With all done your computer system is back to normal.

Make sure you do this more often to avoid dust causing damages to your computer.

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