Computer Automatic Welcome When switched On


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Computer Automatic Welcome When switched On

Computer automatic welcomes when switched On. Have you ever want your computer to perform an extra delight work in which it will welcome its users whenever the computer is been switched on. This computer automatic welcome is a great way of designing your computer with a great features. It can be use on your desktop pc and on your laptop pc.


STEP 1: Click on the windows button and type in “Run” in the search box which can be found at the base of the search button list, press enter and choose the “Run” icon folder that pop out.

STEP 2: In the Run Box type in “Notepad” without the quote symbol and press the “enter” key to open the notepad window.

STEP 3: In the Notepad environment, type in these lines shown below:

Dim speaks, speech

speaks=”Welcome to your operating system, computers den. Have a great and wonderful time using me.”

set speech=create object(“sapi.spvoice”)

speech.speak  speaks

STEP 4: In the second line which begins with “speaks”=You are free to type in whatever you wish to use as your welcome speech

STEP 5: Now save the file with any name,but make sure to save it in ‘.vbs’ format example (speech.vbs)

STEP 6: Again, click on windows “start button”, and then “all programs”, from the list scroll and look for a folder named “Start up”.

STEP 7: Right click “Start up” folder and click open.

STEP 8: In the Start up folder place that file you just created which is the “speech.vbs” in it and close the folder.

STEP 9: Before you do so, make sure that your speaker volume is not on Mute or reduced.

STEP 10: Turn off or restart your computer.

Whenever you switch on your computer after following the above steps has been utilized, this will makes your computer automatic welcomes you with your initial text and welcome speech.

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