How to Build a Computer using Raspberry Pi

Raspberry pi

How to Build a Computer using Raspberry Pi

Ever wonder how to build a budget computer for as low as $30? With raspberry pi, it is possible to build up your own computer system. What is raspberry pi? Raspberry pi is a credit card sized computer that can be plug into a monitor or Tv and uses a keyboard and mouse.

Thinking of how to let people explore computers and learn how to code. Raspberry pi is capable of doing many things you’d expect a desktop computer to do, from browsing the Internet, playing high-definition video to making spread sheet, word processing and playing various games.raspberry-pi

It is actually a low cost, case-less computer, the size of a credit card. Raspberry pi device was created to be a low-cost computer. It would enable kids to play around with computer projects and programming without fear of mistake.

Raspberry-piModel A- $25, 256 ram, 1 usb port, No Ethernet (network connection)

Model B- $ 35, 512mb ram, 2usb ports, 1 Ethernet.

Additional Parts required building this your own computer are Sd card, power supply (5volt), Hdmi cable, Hdmi television, usb mouse and keyboard, computer, Internet connection, Ethernet cable and sd card reader.

Follow this basic step for your installation:

1.Download the zip files for NOOBS (offline and network install) from  then select a folder to save it to.

2. Visit the SD association’s website and download SD formatter 4.0 for either window or mac. Follow the instruction to install the software and insert the SD card into the card reader. In the SD formatter, select the drive letter for your SD card and format it.

3. Drag all your files in the extracted NOOBS folder and drop them onto the the SD card drive. The necessary files will be transfer to your SD card. When the transfer is finished, remove your SD card and insert it into your Raspberry pi.Raspberry-pi

4.  Plug in your keyboard, mouse and monitor cables. Then plug in your power cable to your raspberry pi. It will boot and a window will appear with a list of different operating systems that you can install.

When installation has completed, the raspberry pi configuration menu will load. You can the exit the menu by using the tab on your keyboard to move to finish.Raspberry-pi

5. Log in using the default User-name: pi and password; raspberry. Type starts to load the graphical user interface. once it is loaded, the user interface will look like a familiar desktop with raspberry pi logo.Raspberry-pi

6. On your Raspberry pi window, open utility by first loading up IDLE 3 by double clicking the icon on your LXDE desktop. Check file>New window which will then bring up a new blank window.

Then type the following: #my first python program

username = input(”Hello, I,m Raspeberry pi! What is your name? *) print (‘Nice to meet you,’ + username + ‘have a nice day!’)

Save your work and click the file save as in the new dialogue window that pops up, call your file ”hello” then click save. Test your program by clicking run module or simply press F5.

When prompted by ”Hello”, I’m Raspberry pi” What is your name ? in the IDLE3 window, type your name and press enter . You will see that the Raspberry pi responds. With this you can try your basic knowledge with various projects on your new design computer.

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